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The Pleasance Theatre - Main House | 19:30 | 11th - 14th May

‘You get to pretend for a living, that’s amazing. I want to pretend, even if just for a moment’.


Ever wonder how you or your team would handle the PR disaster of punching Phillip Schofield live on TV? Welcome to the turbulent life of B-list celebrity Klaus Peterson. 



Rip away the cashmere blanket and discover Klaus Peterson's dead and buried career. He’s clinging to any publicity he can get but with millions trying to bring him down, what press is good press? 

Klaus is yet to realise life is bigger than just him and his cameos, and with an ego larger than big Tescos, being a leaf in a hurricane can come as a shock. 

His new fling, Simon, and demanding manager, Cici, attempt to ground him, whilst childhood best friends, Conor and Billy, feed off the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.