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Nottingham Playhouse| 19:45 | 30th September 2022

I feel this nauseousness inside of me, as if something bad is gonna happen. As if something bad has already happened.


This city is desperate for people to birth, live and die here, Sarah's fighting against that. She CANNOT  be like her mum, passing every childhood friend in the aisle of TK Maxx. FISHCAT follows fourteen year-old Sarah as she searches for her future in a daunting, internet infested world, attempting to take on teenage-hood, her dad, and the coolest boy that ever walked the Earth...Gary. A tragi-comic, fast-paced, coming of age tale on the perils of growing-up in an unforgivingly lonely world.


With a strong female narrative and puppetry, FISHCAT is centred around the challenges teenagers face in their fight to be heard and recognised. Tackling issues such as; loneliness, fractured relationships, parenthood and bullying, as well as illuminating the power of our imagination, hope and persistence for change.


“So funny, youthful and dynamic. Themes of class, misogyny/masculinity, coming of age and anger come through powerfully. It really is brilliant.” Ben Weatherill, Writer